Sunday, November 4, 2007

Oral Sanitizer

For my friends who care about oral hygiene as much as I do, I bring you:

:: The Dentek Toothbrush Sanitizer ::

I saw this at Target for $19.99 and had to have it. I am SO paranoid about shit getting on my toothbrush. Now I don't have to be. You just slide open the case, insert your toothbrush (I have a power toothbrush and it still fits), and close the case to activate the UV light. The light will work for about 8 minutes to sanitize your toothbrush so it's ready for the next use. It takes two AAA batteries, not included.

The other bonus is that your toothbrush is ready for travel.

Now, let me also state that I am NOT a huge fan of antibacterial/antimicrobial everything. Germs are good and eating day-old pizza that's been left out to collect bacteria is actually GOOD for you. We're getting rid of too many germs and the super germs are going to rise up against us. That being said, I draw the line at feces on my toothbrush, so I'm loving Dentek for this.