Sunday, July 6, 2008

Revlon Beyond Natural Foundation

I'm always on the quest to find foundations that are light but give enough coverage to make your skin look its best without looking fake or overly done. I stumbled upon this because it was buy-one-get-one and I already love Revlon's Colorstay and thought I would give this a whirl. It's truly on the verge of taking over Neutrogena's Tinted Moisturizer as my new holy grail summer foundation.

Good things:
  1. The skin matching technology is basically that the makeup comes out of the tube almost white like a lotion and it has tiny microbeads of color that are supposed to "match" your skin magically. Doubtful that there's any magic going on, but I like that it gives sheer coverage without feeling like you've got no coverage at all.
  2. This gave me an even, natural, semi-matte/semi-dewy finish. I felt like it was my skin showing through at its best.
  3. Completely neutral. I *hate* when foundations have pink or peach added to them and this is one of the few drugstore lines that is a neutral/yellow base. 
  4. Lasted throughout the day, and I've even worn it on days when I'm outside and sweating all day and my face still looks reasonably put-together.
  5. SPF. Nuff said. If you're not using an SPF product on your face I don't even want to talk to you.
  6. Love the packaging, i.e. love when products are in a squeeze tube so you don't have to contaminate the product just trying to get it out.
  7. At $13.99, pretty affordable considering the quality.

Bad things:
  1. So far nothing, but I will unload a truckload of fury on Revlon if they discontinue this.