Sunday, October 14, 2007

Natural Snatch, er Match.

First off, I want to confess that I originally bought this for one reason: Penelope Cruz has a crazy sexy voice and when I see her in a commercial saying something to me, I believe it because I want her desperately.

Now, moving on... my natural hair color is a medium auburn. Most of the time I love my real color. But, I am a creature that loves variety, so I often color my hair as a means of dealing with crisis, or injecting drama into a boring period, etc. etc.

Lately I am addicted to chocolate brown hair. The problem with at-home coloring is that my hair always ends up either dark, reddish brown, or black. Not *chocolate* brown. The red always wants to come out and going darker just makes it look flat and black.

L'Oreal Natural Match in shade 4C (Dark Ash Brown) is the first hair color I've had success with at home. I've used this twice now and have been extremely happy both times. The Natural Match line gives you the option of going cool (eliminating red or brassy tones), warm, neutral, or red.

:: L'Oreal Natural Match Hair Color ::

Good Things:
  1. The colors are true to life. They look like your hair, but better. The 4C for me is a deep, rich, velvety chocolate brown.
  2. It makes my hair shiny. I have naturally shiny hair but coloring usually dries it out. My hair looks better after using this.
  3. Smells good.
  4. At less than $10, very affordable.

Bad Things:
  1. The first few days it seems darker than it should, but after a few washings it tames down to the luscious color you're expecting.
  2. The whole idea of this hair color is that you don't stray too far from your natural color. Not recommended if you're looking for drastic change.
  3. Penelope Cruz was not in my box.
*All hair responds to color differently. Please do not blame me if you use this product and don't like it.

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