Monday, September 3, 2007

Pomegranate Love

I have a very weird obsession with pomegranates. I don't even recall when it all began. There is something about those little seeds bursting in your mouth that does it for me. I enjoy anything pomegranate scented, especially this new line from B&BW.

:: Bath and Body Works Midnight Pomegranate ::

Right now, I am using the hand soap in my bathroom. It makes me happy every time I wash my hands.


SailorAshley said...

I just found this blog after typing in random words on google. I lavvvve it. I also submitted it to StumbleUpon so hopefully more users will find your site.

Also, I'm a shampoo junkie, what are you using at the moment? I just bought Dove Volume shampoo because I'm in love with the smell.

Kayla said...

Just so you know, Bath and Body works is having a sale so you can get five of these bad boys for $15. I say it is time to stock up my friends, time to stock up.