Thursday, March 20, 2008

2008 Best Products List from Paula Begoun

She is my hero in terms of shedding light on which products are scientifically superior, not just overhyped and overmarketed.


Anonymous said...

Hello wise one, could you for me recommend a body wash? I'm looking for something "all-in-one" whereas I can use it to shave and also wash all my skin including the *nether regions* (which rules out things with exfoliating ingredients). Also, I'm not a big fan of unscented products, because I need the perfume to cover up the plasticy smell of the ingredients themselves, and I should mention that I have acne-prone skin but I don't want an acne-specific product again because that shouldn't go on the *nether regions* but I'd need something that isn't super comedogenic and oily. I was sorta lookin at something Aveeno or the Olay with Ginseng but I don't want to make this important decision without your guidance. Does Paula have a fav? All hail Fraught with Shampoo!

leandrahime said...

I swear, you must be my long-lost sister. I would love to talk to you; leandrahime-at-gmail-dot-com (gotta try and trick those mailbots!)