Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ladies and Gentleman: The Ped Egg

If you're like me, you saw the informercials for the Ped Egg months ago and thought, "Fuck me, that is a cheese grater for the foot!"

I stand here before you as a die-hard Ped Egg fan now. And I know others who will stand up on this podium with me and shout to you non-pedeggers: GO. BUY ONE. NOW.

The concept is this: you have a little vessel with a grater-like contraption on one side. You rub it against your dry foot and it *gently* removes any of the calloused skin and collects the shrapnel inside the vessel.

Sounds disgusting. I know. 

But for some reason I bought one. It ended up being the best thing that ever happened to my feet.

The best way I can explain the beauty of the Ped Egg is this:

When you get a professional pedicure, they use a "shaver" to remove the dry skin from your foot. The shaver works beautifully. Your feet are smooth and soft. But your feet are going, "HOLY SHIT. SOMEBODY JUST SLOUGHED OFF A FEW LAYERS OF SKIN. WE NEED TO MAKE MORE DRY SKIN TO PREVENT SUCH AN ATTACK IN THE FUTURE!" It's a great business model. They take it off, your feet make more, you go back again in a month.

Those little pumice stones are supposed to remove dry skin without shaving it off. The problem is that they're worthless and no matter how long you soak your feet and rub the pumice over them, your feet never quite get that baby smooth feeling that they do with a professional pedicure.

The Ped Egg comes in right in the middle: removes ALL of the dry skin, minimum amount of work on your part, and the callouses don't come back because you haven't removed *too much* of your skin. It's a beautiful solution to an oft-not-talked-about problem.

You're welcome.


micala said...

I'd just like to toss in a hearty "I AGREE" on this post. Upon seeing it on TV my first thought was "Holy hell, that would slice your feet to BITS!" but then they showed how it wouldn't cut the balloon and I was sold! Got one at Bed, Bath and Beyond and have loved it ever since.

honeybunns said...

Good to know where to get one because, frankly, I'm not ordering one off TV. But B^3? I'm there. I wear sandles as soon as I can get away with it, and well into frosted toes in October. This means when I get a pedicure, the folks that work there are doing rock, paper, scissors to see who has to grind down my dry nasty heels. This seems to be a great solution in between peds. Wheee!

honeydo said...

No way. Do you know how bad I need one of these? I was just considering going to get a pedicure (never had one) b/c my heals are...well....yuck. I'm so going shopping before I hit my evening job tonight! :D

honeydo said...

:D It DOES work! I'm soooo telling my friend as we have had lengthy conversations about her husband's obsession with soft feet....and hers are callousy like mine!

THANKS! Glad I stumbled here :)