Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rec Request: SPF Lip Balm

You guys have been hot with the comments lately, and I love it. Keep them coming.

I had a request for a recommendation on a lip balm to replace a beloved Lip Smackers addiction. Personally I'm not a huge fan of Lip Smackers, save for the Dr. Pepper flavor which is just inexplicably addictive. (Did you know there's prune juice in Dr. Pepper?) They always feel slightly filmy to me and my lips feel drier in the long run. 

My holy grail lip balm in terms of overall delivery of moisture, shine/plumpness, and SPF content has to be Neutrogena's Lip Moisturizer. This balm makes your lips look *so* good, it glides on smoothly with no waxy feel, and it has an SPF of 15 to protect your lips from shriveling up and rotting off (as one commenter so vividly put it).

If you've never tried this, I would suggest picking up a tube. You will probably find yourself picking up a few more so you have spares. It's difficult to find but if you live in my town, you can find it at Wegman's.


SailorAshley said...

Gurl you know I has the Dr. P balm in my purse.

Actually though I do need a lip balm with SPF, I just read a horror story about lip cancer caused by the sun.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right, when compared to lip balms, the Lip Smackers does leave a film on the lips. However, when comparing the Lip Smackers to other lip glosses, I find that the Lip Smackers is actually the least detectable on the lips (since Smackers is technically a gloss and not a balm). My only hesitation with trying the Neutrogena balm is that it fits into a "moisturizer" catagory rather than a "cosmetics" catagory as glosses like Smackers would. Yet since all of your other recommendations have rocked the casbah, you know I'm gonna give the Neutro' a shot. Thanks again as I would be truly lost without you.