Thursday, January 11, 2007

Marshmallows Gone Sexy

I like to think that I've outgrown the desire to smell like food. Scents like cookies and fruit were the hallmark of my teens and early twenties. But I was too curious to resist when I saw that Calgon's Marshmallow line for Holiday 2006 was getting such rave reviews from ladies over on MUA. Some are seriously buying it by the caseful.

This scent is highly erotic and addictive. If you can find a set on sale (try Wal-Mart, Target, or CVS), pick it up. Ebay has them too. Not sure when this will be out again.

:: Calgon Marshmallow Gift Set ::

Good things:
Try this if you are a vanilla lover.
It's nice but not sickly sweet.
Faint hint of cocoa.
Slight sparkle/shimmer.
Only $8.99 for body mist, lotion, and lip gloss.

Bad things:
Scent doesn't last all day.

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