Thursday, February 1, 2007

It rubs the lotion on its skin.

I am an avid hand-washer, and in the winter my hands become so dry they crack and bleed. I need a really good lotion that isn't greasy and this is one I LOVE. Holy grail status.

:: Dove Regenerating Night Lotion ::

Good things:
  1. Super emollient but not greasy, absorbs insanely well and quickly.
  2. Smells wonderful.
  3. With continued use, my skin feels like a babys...put it on at night and in the morning your skin is still silky and smooth.
  4. I noticed a more even tone in my skin as well.
  5. Has shea butter beads...which absorb superbly well compared to regular shea butter, which is notoriously sticky and lays there on your skin.
  6. Cheap

Bad things:
  1. Some women don't care for each her own I guess.

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