Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shower Caddy Love

Somehow I always end up starting these posts by apologizing for what a slackass blogger I am. I'm sorry. I really am. I'm like that boy-toy who doesn't call for two months, then shows up at your door with a smile and a condom in his pocket. It's not fair to you, but listen: I only feel like blogging when there's something that I *really* love. It's not like I wake up every morning thinking, "Man, I wonder what I can recommend today?" I wait until I love something so much I can't stand it anymore and then I bring it to you justthewayyoulikeit.

Okay, so this isn't a beauty product, persay. But I am creaming my jeans over it.

A little back-story...

Anyone who has visited my house knows that I have a blajillion products in the shower. I need variety and so I have at least three sets of poo/conditioners and about 5 soap/gel thingies and then tools. Not to mention the stash in the hall closet which is quite frightening. It's really not healthy, but I can't fight it. I tried. So anyway, my landlord came to fix my shower while I was in Alaska (during which time I had a weird sexual dream about him). The new head would not sustain my old hangy basket of products so I had to venture out to BB&B and find a new one. Sigh. Luckily, I came upon this and started swooning when I digested just how well-designed it is.

:: The Simple Human Shower Organizer ::

Good things:
  1. These people thought of everything assinine about shower caddies and then fixed all the problems. There are so many little fabulous things about the design of this caddy that just puts all the other ones I've owned to shame.
  2. It has a foam-padded screw-tightened mount at the top, so it stays in place *firmly*....nothing worse than when your damn caddy slips and throws bottles at you.
  3. The trays move up and down, and left and right, to accommodate different sized bottles.
  4. There is a razor holder built into the right side and a toothbrush holder built into the left...which you can also use to hold tools. (Who the hell brushes their teeth in the shower? Comment me if you do.)
  5. Rust-Proof for at least 5 years, guaranteed.
  6. Suction cup at the bottom is hard-core and it swivels in case you have tiles that would prevent good suction.

Bad things:
  1. At $40, it's a little steep. But I am not regretting it one bit. Take a coupon...those ones they send every few weeks.
  2. I wish it had more shelves, but that's cause I'm a shampoo whore.
This really makes me want to check out more Simple Human products. I get a boner for great design.


micala said...

Two things here, my lovely:
1. Isn't this the SECOND time you've had a sexual dream about your landlord? It's at the very least the second time I've HEARD about one, so you might have had more that you didn't mention. What is going on there darling? hmm?

2. Reginald brushes his teeth in the shower. I know - it grosses me out, too. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I totally brush my teeth in the shower. I'm just thoroughly obsessive about making sure nothing gets contaminated.

Oh and Saar is also on Team In the Shower.

...sounds like some kinky porno flick.