Friday, August 3, 2007

Chick Flick Cherry

A quickie post today. Love this gorgeous red polish from OPI. I have to say, even when I was sweaty, dirty, and mosquito-bitten in Alaska, the fact that my toes looked fabulous kept me going. It didn't chip once, and I was wearing hiking boots almost every day.

:: OPI Nail Lacquer in Chick Flick Cherry ::

I've blogged about these polishes before. They are a tad more expensive than regular drugstore lines, but so worth the few extra bucks. They go on smooth, don't chip, and the bottle lasts a long time. This shade of red is deep but also sort of retro cherry-red at the same time. Brilliant.

You can find them in specialty beauty stores, and even grocery stores, which is where I got this one.

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