Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yes, I knoooooooow I haven't posted in forever. I had a traumatic experience writing for another blog before the holidays. They were snotty and mean and I should have known better than to leave you guys for greener pastures. I know now; this is where I belong.

The tag line for this product is "nothing else even comes close"....and I would say they are not lying. I've been using this product for a long time, and there's nothing else like it on the market. I have never had acrylic nails, but I like to think that this product makes your real nails feel as strong and thick as those fake suckers. I like the way my nails look with a few coats of this: strong, thick, and righteously healthy.

There are different formulas. I recommend the Formula 2 or the 2 plus if your nails are dry, peeling, or weak. (They recommend you never start with 2 plus, but I am a warrior and I've done it. Nothing horrible happened to me.) 

I would start by trimming and filing your nails, doing a little at-home mani of sorts, and then apply this in one good coat, going over the tip of the nail to cover it as well. Apply one coat everyday, removing all coats every 3-4 days and starting over again. In a few weeks, your nails should look you are a QVC hand model. 

The one drawback is that a tiny bottle of this stuff is $10. It's well worth that price, but I have to flinch every time I buy it. Find it at salons and CVS.


Anonymous said...

Yes you rock! We missed you! Never leave us again!

honeybunns said...

I use this ALL. THE. TIME. I will never NOT use this. It totally rocks a manicure. I use it as my basecoat, and then a couple of coats of my favorite OPI polish, and a final clear topcoat for protection and my nails last FOREVER. No joke.

But it does sting to have to hand over a ten spot when I need another. Oh well. Beauty is pain, and all that rot.