Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Revlon Beyond Natural Eyeshadow Quads

I bought this on recommendation of my friend's mom, whose eye makeup always looks professionally done. Every time I talk to her I am distracted by how beautiful her eyes look. It's artsy and natural all at once. Now, a lot of that is talented application. But I can't resist heeding the advice of someone whose eye makeup I adore. And I ended up adoring these little shadows too.

:: Revlon Beyond Natural Eyeshadow Quads ::

Good things:
  1. Has a cream to powder finish that makes it easy to apply but sets rather nicely.
  2. The colors are gorgeous. Pigmented but natural, and very blendable.
  3. Cute little compact.

Bad things:
  1. I wish they had more shades, but I guess this whole line is devoted to "natural" beauty so they aren't going to give you a huge range of color.
  2. I wouldn't recommend these to people who have oily eyelids. They tend to get a little shiny midday, so I'm guessing you'd want to stay away from these or else use a lot of powder to set them.

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bethaober said...

Thanks for reviewing these. I've been wondering about them. I'll probably try the Plumberry.