Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Love: Dry Shampoo

I had been wanting to try a dry shampoo for a long time. My hair is fine, and I have to wash it everyday so it doesn't look like ass. But I realize that washing it everyday isn't all that healthy.

I waited a long time to actually purchase one. I agonized over which one to try, reading reviews, researching ingredients, etc.

I'm fairly confident this dry shampoo by Sexy Hair Concepts is the best on the market for the price.

Good things:
  1. Spray it on. Wait 2 minutes. Brush it out. Hair is refreshed with tremendous volume, and has a matte texture.
  2. Removes product buildup.
  3. I find my hair is much more styleable and awesome on the days I use this. I've heard that if you curl your hair, it will retain the curl longer using this.
  4. It doesn't leave a powdery residue like some dry shampoos do.
  5. The smell is decent. Kind of cucumber-melony.
  6. Way more affordable than most dry shampoos on the market.
Bad things:
  1. If you get serious bed-head, you may have to rinse and dry your hair before using this. It isn't going to get rid of that crazy look.

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micala said...

Hahaha - "it isn't going to get rid of that crazy look". Love that. :D