Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Love: Pacing the Panic Room

There are a handful of blogs in my reader that, when a new post shows up, I get all giddy and want to savor the time I have to read it. Pacing the Panic Room is one of those blogs. When I found it a year or so ago, I spent a few evenings reading all of the archives. I couldn't get enough of it.

I'm not a baby-obsessed person. I've never really been drawn to blogs written by males that have lives that are nothing like mine. But there is something about the way Ryan writes about life, about family, and about the inner-workings of his head that just mesmerizes me. I find myself reading a sentence, taking a deep breath, and thinking, "Yeah. That's exactly how it is."

The posts are longer than I normally have patience for. It seems everything about this breaks the mold of what I typically like... but that's what makes it so extraordinary for me.

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