Monday, November 20, 2006

Wet to Straight

I hate doing my hair in the morning. I have very fine, poker straight hair. For it to look presentable, I have to blow-dry completely and run a flat-iron through my hair so it lays right. Most days, I leave the house with half-wet hair because I just cannot stand the time it takes to do all that.

ENTER: The Remington Wet to Straight Flat Iron

The idea of this product is that it drys your hair and straightens it at the same time, eliminating the need for a blow-dryer. I bought this from because I had a credit to use, it was on sale for $20 with free shipping, and I hoped that it would make my morning routine easier.

Verdict: Mornings are a whole lot lovelier now!

Good things:
Truly does what it says it will do.
Like all flat-irons, gives you that silky, shiny look.
Gets HOT as HELL (30 heat settings).
Beeps audibly when it's ready.
Has a wide plate (also available in a slim version).
You only need one tool in the morning--LOVE THAT!
Has a lock feature to close it for travel.
Safer and healthier for hair.
Makes your hair feel so good you want to rub your head all over yourself.

Bad things:
Takes several passes to dry hair completely, and you have to go slowly down your hair.
If you have really curly hair, not sure how this will work. I already have straight hair.
Steam burns if your hand gets in the way.

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