Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkles, DISCUSS!

Okay, I got a comment from Becky that goes like this:

I don't think you've covered anti-wrinkle creams yet. I just discovered that a bunch of my 25-30 year-old friends use anti-aging creams reguarly. Personally, I thought these kinds of things were for when you got old and actually had wrinkles...not as a preventative measure. Also, I am doubting the science of anything that promises to take away (or prevent) wrinkles. Please discuss oh-holy-maven-of-beauty-products.

Here are my thoughts on anti-aging/wrinkle creams and products: THEY ARE A HUGE WASTE OF MONEY AND WOMEN FALL FOR IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN. We are so desperate to look young we will pay for anything that promises to tighten, firm, or fill-in those cracks. I personally do not have many wrinkles yet, but I do notice my skin aging a bit and I certainly think my eye area could use some perking up.

There are only two things we know for sure:
1. Sunscreen is a must. Every day. Every single damn day. Get over wanting to look like a golden goddess...pruning your skin in the sun or even worse in a tanning bed. You are aging your skin exponentially. Wear sunblock (I prefer foundation/moisturizer with SPF of at least 15 included), and stay out of the sun when you have a choice.
2. Aging skin usually lacks moisture. Give your skin moisture, and it will look more plump and young.

Beyond that, you should take good care of your skin every day. (I personally recommend using an AHA product to keep your skin looking healthy.) There are no miracle products that are going to make your skin stay forever young. Sometimes the most expensive products are the biggest pieces of bullshit.

My single best resource for skincare science is Paula Begoun. Reading her books changed my life. She knows her shit and relies on FACTS, not hype, to make recommendations. Go to her site, check out the links on the left, particularly "Dear Paula" and "Skin Care Facts"...and sign up for her free email newsletter! She rocks my world. I can't say it enough.

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