Friday, December 22, 2006

Coconut Milk Hair Soak

Since today is pretty crazy and I am gearing up for the holiday break, I leave you with a tip from a member at one of my favorite beauty boards, MakeupAlley. I personally have not tried this tip yet, but I intend to when I am bored out of my skull next week.

I will not be posting again til January. Merry Holidays everyone!

:: Coconut Milk Hair Soak ::

Get a carton of unflavored/unsweetened coconut milk from your local supermarket. (Coconut CREAM is fine but it will be a lot thicker. I do prefer CREAM as it is not as watery.) Rub it into your dry, unwashed hair gently and carefully as the coconut milk will drip. (You can wrap your neck/shoulders with a towel to catch the access.) Cover the hair with a shower cap. Blow the hair through the cap with as much heat as you can tolerate or leave it alone for an hour or two. Wash the hair with shampoo and follow with conditioner if you use it. When doing the coconut milk hair soak regularly, you will have super soft and shiny hair. And you will not need any expensive shampoo or conditioner!

Courtesy of Jojoba from MakeupAlley

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Anonymous said...

Even better than coconut milk is virgin coconut oil, and yes it will leave your hair very shiny and silky.