Thursday, December 21, 2006

Who needs concealer?

Not that my skin is imperfect :| but I do enjoy a good concealer to brighten up the places that are pissing me off (blemishes, eye area).

My holy grail concealer is:

:: L'Oreal Air Wear Long Wearing Concealer ::

I like this in fair and they also have a "brightener" which is quite lovely. Some days, I will just use this concealer and some powder instead of using foundation.

Good things:
This is an amazing drugstore product. Ranks up there with the department store brands.
Veils moderately dark areas. Brightens under eye areas.
Never looks cakey.
Superb staying power.
Goes on dry (make sure you moisturize if you have dry skin.)

Bad things:
There are rumors this is being discontinued. A lot of ladies are angry. Scoop up a tube if you can find one.


orodwen said...

I am another that this product is/was a Holy Grail for. I have a few back ups but who knows what I'll do once they are gone. I have read that one of Bobbi Brown's products is identical in colour and can be used the same way. As we all know, howerver, Bobbi Brown is not inexpensive. Perhaps since Bobbi Brown's product is thicker one would use less product per each application so the product lasts longer. Who Knows? Just know that I am flustered and annoyed.

That said, did you see that Airwear Brightener is STILL on L'Oreal's site? They have revamped their site but they still show that entire line of concealers, corrector & brightener. Go figure.

ashlee said...

I have to say that I to, am a die hard fan of this concealor: long air wear in "brightener" by L'Oreal. I am a red head with porcelain skin, not to mention horrible dark circles! As if I just got out of a boxing ring. (that I have had my whole life!) I have tried every concealer out there and nothing works like this one! I have noticed for a while now that it has been very dificult to find this concealer anywhere, so I contacted L'Oreal and they officially told me that these concealers have been discontinued along with a blush that I love. It's VERY fustrating!

Yeah and the fact that they still do show these concealors on their site is very misleading!!