Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Smell my hair.

I'll be honest about today's product: it's not the best shampoo in the world. I was really excited when Dove announced they would be coming out with a hair care line. They really had an opportunity to raise the standards for drugstore shampoos because they have an established brand and a history of great research and development. Thus far, I've been underwhelmed with their offerings. There's nothing being put out there that isn't already available. Come on, Dove! Give us what we need!

:: Dove Advanced Care Sheer Moisture ::

Okay so why am I on here promoting some Dove 'poos? Because I like the fricking smell. It's that simple. I don't use this stuff everyday cause it does cause some buildup, but used intermittently with a clarifying shampoo like Suave Daily Clarifying, it's a pretty nice -albeit average- poo/conditioner set. I use the whole set including the leave-in mist.

I like saying poo.

Good things:
The smell. Love the classic Dove scent. Makes me swoon over myself when I flip my hair around.
Moisture without weight. Nice for fine-haired girls like myself.
Leaves hair clean, manageable, soft.

Bad things:
Sulfates in the shampoo.
Ingredient list is mediocre at best. There are way better formulas out there.
Shouldn't be used every day without clarifying at least once a week.

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