Monday, December 11, 2006


My featured favorite product today is a biggie! The Q-Tip! I swear I couldn't live without these things. They're not just for cleaning your ears.

:: Q-Tips brand Cotton Swabs ::

Good things:
Very economical.
Hygenic (throw away after one use).
Good for application of makeup (see tips below).

Bad things:
Sometimes it's not the most precise of applicators.

I love to use Q-Tips to apply eye makeup. I have a bevy of brushes to choose from and still go for Q-Tips most of the time, simply because they're great at smudging eyeliner. OR, you can use them to apply eyeSHADOW as a liner. (This weekend, I used the darkest shade in the Mojave Mauves from Wet n Wild and it made SUCH a great smokey liner for my hazel eyes.) They're also great at applying highlighter to the under-brow area and to the corners of your eyes to brighten them. One more thing: I use Q-Tips to dip into foundation or powder and use it as a concealer.

All bow to the power of Q-Tips! Feel free to gush about your love of Q-Tips in the comments section.

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micala said...

I am ALSO a huge fan of the q-tip! I use them on a daily basis! Couldn't make it without them.